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Fitueyes Swivel Floor Tv Stand

This is a great value for your new tv stand! It swivels to 32 42 50 55 and provides a good view from your tv area. It is also easy to add/remove items, making it a great for current and past use.

Free Shipping Fitueyes Swivel Floor Tv Stand

This fitueyes swivel floor tv stand is a great addition to your tv room! It's made of lightweight plastic and stable, making it perfect forperors and 3d movies. The stand can easily be moved around the room, making it perfect for use in space barth or larger. There's also an extra compartment for your video game or media center, perfect for storing any residuals from your recent tv used games. And finally, the stand has a sturdy build and comes with a great warranty, making it a great option for long lasting use!
this is a great standing tv stand for your tv stands and other tv components. It swivels to let you watch your television in the best position. It also has a metal finishueyes logo on the front. The tv stand is also against a sturdy plastic base and there is also a lighted up logo. This is a great product for the who want to be able to watch their television in the best position.
this fitueyes stand is perfect for adding a level playing field to your tv room. It's adjustable height and mounts on 2 wheels for easy carrying make it a versatile choice for commercial or professional use. The swivel mount height can be adjusted to fitleye perfect for 65 inch lcd led oled tvs. The tv stand also features a swivel mount for added stability and protection.